Getting back to normal…

For all of us it has been a very challenging year and more and that can not be under estimated in any way. A state of hibernation was briefly risen from its slumber in Autumn 2020 to return to its slumber in December as cases rose and sadly some people paid the ultimate price. Into the New Year and, as the vaccine roll out gathered momentum, the Government began to release the handbrake in 5 weeks steps.

Step 1 was much the same as lockdown with no gathering or travel but, as we reach Step 2, we can start to think about getting back to normal, but what will normal be? We have approval to restart outdoor events from April 12th from Charnwood Borough Council and Leicestershire Police but what about our landowners? Will they be at ease with 30 or more strangers appearing on their land?

And what about our monthly meetings? We are looking at a new venue in Shepshed but that won`t happen much before our July meeting. The Society has always played things very slow & steady and that probably explains our longevity and stability.

“Softly, softly catchee monkey” is an old proverb that means that if do not rush or if you avoid being too hasty, then eventually you will achieve your goal – in other words, be patient.