About LCSS

Our Club was first formed in 1968 as a Numismatic (Coin Collecting) Society among work colleagues at Brush Engineering. As metal detectors became more commercially available the similarity between the two hobbies led to the addition of the “Search” part of the Society. 

Loughborough Coin and Search Society  arrange metal detecting events for their members in various locations around the East Midlands and beyond. Some events are “Open Digs” depending on available land and location. 

We try to visit sites that may hold a vast and interesting history and good finds potential.

Members have access to a number of “Club Farms” subject to specific access rules. 

Our Club Digs are held on a monthly basis between August and May. We occasionally arrange larger metal detecting rallies for members and guests

Our digs start at 9.00am and finish between 4pm-5pm depending on the time of year.

If you are interested in joining  and would like to become a member of  LCSS then please use the contact us page or click on the Join LCSS button. 

NB: Membership is currently OPEN for 2022/23, please fill out an application to be added to our prospective members list and receive invites to any “Open” events.

On the first Thursday of every month we hold our club meeting from 7.30pm at Rosebery Medical Centre in Loughborough  where we have guest speakers attending. Members are expected to attend at least 6 meeting per year. Meetings have now restarted as of January 2022.

Loughborough Coin and Search Society is a non profit organisation. Dig fee`s are used to run the Society and make donations to either Society charities or those good causes selected by our landowners.

We welcome Farmers and Land Owners to contact us, as we are always looking for land to detect and hold events on, all events are tailored to the land owners specification on terms of fee`s , access and numbers of attendees. We provide marshalls, first aid, a full finds report and ensure compliance with all agri-environment schemes.